Unleash your inner learning.

Quizel is an online interactive quiz game that aims to help provide a fun but educational way for students to learn in the classroom.

Easy to use

Quizel is easy to use with its intuitive layout and simplistic design.

Great for practice.

Quizel is a great study tool for small tests to large assessments. Challenge your classmates to a battle of the brains.

Free to use!

Quizel is completly free to use. For anyone anywhere.

Appealing to all ages!

Expansive Quiz Library

Want to use Quizel, but you don’t want to make your own quizzes? No worries. Plenty of quizzes are available pre-made on the Quiz Library. All quizzes are actively monitored to comply with our standards.

What can Quizel be used for?

Quizel can be used for a quick formative assessment. This can help teachers to create their lesson plans for the next day. Quizel could also be used by teachers to help students practice for summative assessments.

More Features

Test mode

Test mode is just like a test, it collects student answers and scores them. Extended response will be scored by the educator in our simple, easy to use layout.

Competitive quizzes

Competitive quizzes are fun, fast paced games that allow students to show their knowledge in a competitive setting.

Engaging Design

With fast competitive gameplay, bright colors, and an easy to operate interface, Quizel can be intriguing to any student.

Mobile App

Following the strict regulation of Google Play for Education, Quizel has met every standard necessary to make sure the app is 100% safe for use in the classroom. Our app is free to download on both Google Play for Android™ devices and the Amazon App Store.

Simple to create quizzes

It’s as easy as:

1 - Title your Quiz

Give your quiz a name and description to make it easy to indentify what its about!

2 - Add Questions to your Quiz

Add your multiple choice questions and select what answer is correct!

3 - Publish your Quiz

Select the quiz privacy, publish and you're done!

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